Thursday, September 20, 2007


'all things etsy' is moving to a nice, clean office space.

the old address for sending promos will still be good for the next few months, but now you can also send your promos to:

521 lincoln ave
bellevue, pa 15202

photos will be posted soon!

keep sending your samples and promos!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Creative Glass Guild of Etsy~ Trivia Contest

check out this cool contest!


Creative Glass Guild of Etsy~ Trivia Contest: August 26th

The Creative Glass Guild of Etsy (CGGE) would like to announce our Sunday Street Team Trivia Challenge! On August 26th at 4pm PST (7pm EST, 10pm UK) , CGGE members will host our FIRST Sunday Street Team Trivia Contest.

This is a fun trivia contest featuring questions written by CGGE members about the CGGE team and members, it’s kind of a meet and greet, AND you will have the chance to win some AWESOME prizes!

We will be giving out a total of 3 glass prize packages!

The first place winner will receive a fused glass slider pendant donated by lisahammer , a stained glass butterfly donated by creationsinglass , AND a fused glass bubble sushi dish donated by glassprimitif

WHOA! If that is not enough,
the second place winner will receive a stunning pendant donated by Smokeylady54

AND the third place winner will receive another stunning pendant donated by Aardvart .Here are the details for this contest:
1. August 26th, 4pm PST (7pm EST, 10pm UK) , in the Etsy P&C forums
2. To play, you must be an Etsy member, signup here:
3. CGGE members are not allowed to participate, but we welcome you to join in and chat in the thread while the contestants are searching for the answers!
Trivia Game Instructions: It’s easy! I will be posing a series of questions to the thread every few minutes. The first person to respond with a correct answer to the thread will receive 4 points, the second person will receive 3 points, the third person will receive 2 points and any other people responding with a correct answer will receive 1 point. At the end of the game, I will tally up the points and announce the top three winners. PLEASE REMEMBER TO POST YOUR ANSWERS IN THE THREAD TO GET YOUR POINTS COUNTED. J

**IMPORTANT: Following our first Sunday Street Team Trivia contest, we would like to invite ANY other Street Team to continue this contest each recurring Sunday. Each team, will be responsible for coming up with their own prizes, questions, and administrators of the thread. If you are interested please convo creationsinglass to be put on the schedule! WE plan on working with Sara of EtsyTeams to promote this NEW recurring TEAM EVENT! It’s a great chance to get some additional exposure for your team and make a lot of new friends in the community!

Monday, July 23, 2007


I've had the pleasure of sniffing some truly fabulous natural bath and body products lately, and I have just enough time now to tell you about two of my newest favorite sellers:

Magickal Realism is Diana Rajchel, an herbalist who uses mainly pre-1870 techniques. I think her Lickable solid perfume might be my everyday scent this fall - most clove scents can be overpowering, but not this one. The garden-y Zombie Repellent smells very nice on my boyfriend, and Friday Night on the Island, which includes vanilla, coconut and lime, is my choice for a delicious date night.

Oceanna Seaplants sells an amazing line of organic bath and beauty products. I was so impressed with these, I requested some for my store! The recipes were formulated by Dr. Irene Novaczeck, a marine biologist who has been studying seaweeds her whole career. Oceanna Seaplants is co-owned by Irene and her daughter, Zoe, who also sells jewelry and artwork in her Etsy shop, TarkaArt (some of you may have been lucky enough to recieve some of her ACEOs or origami jewelry in your bags). They harvest the seaweed, grow the herbs in their garden, and use only high quality organic oils and essential oils and mild, non-toxic preservatives.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


for a limited time, anyone in the northern philly area can pick up a free 'all things etsy' sample bag at the incredibly cute art + craft store, mymy - 15 byberry rd. hatboro, pa

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

so busy!

i must apologize for the lack of activity here. things have been a bit crazy in the life of octarine - i've recently taken over the indie department store at 517521 in bellevue, pa.

never fear, 'all things etsy' bags are still being packed and shipped all over the world! if you're lucky there might be some listed in my shop right now!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Featured Contributor - Greenwillow

Rawr. I need something soothing to calm my nerves! Everything is so stressful right now. Perhaps you know the feeling? Maybe looking at some pretty Etsy things would help. Luckily, I've found the right shop for that! Enter, Greenwillow!

Flower Notecards, set of 4

1) Your shop name:Greenwillow
2) Your real name:
Ann Todd
3) Your favorite breakfast cereal:
4) When did you begin creating?:
I've always loved to create. I began designing and sewing doll clothes as a child. I've always have loved crafts of any kind--just doing things with my hands. I have always enjoyed making my own cards and creations. I added art photography about 5 years ago.
5) Got a day job?:
I've been retired almost 4 years ago from career in National Retail Advertising for a newspaper.
6) Your inspirations:
Anything beautiful--including my grandchildren.

Flower Fairy

7) Creation that you are most proud of:
My daughter's wedding dress and her professional acapella singing group 19th century costume.
8) Explain your shop name:
Greenwillow is the name of a street we built a house on years ago. My husband picked the street name from a record jacket. My daughter lives there now, and she and I began a craft business about 5 years ago and named it after that street.
9) Final thoughts?
I create to make myself happy and others happy. I've always loved to create gifts for others, thinking that when they saw my creations for them, they would feel my love for them. When anyone actually likes something of mine enough to buy it, I am still thrilled.

Stitched vine pictures (pair)

Please go visit Greenwillow, and keep checking back for more interviews with amazing Etsy sellers!

feature written by lessthanthreedesigns

Featured Contributor - Eye Pop Art

Love structure and symmetry? Slightly compulsive yet love the funkalicious? Well, look no further! EyePopArt has exactly what you need! If you're anything like me, mandalas provide a relief for the compulsive parts while soothing the creative parts of my brain! EyePopArt takes mandalas a step further. She plasters them onto record bowls, record cuffs, and brightly-painted record clocks. Best of all??? She contributes to the All Things Etsy sample and promo bags. Her samples are gorgeous: mandala window decals in so many colors!!! So, ease the compulsive and creative in you! Stop by EyePopArt's etsy store today!

feature written by jessprkle